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Things went exactly as I thought.

Every time I find a cool new tool, CMS or similar, I get excited for a few days and start playing around it with and then - real life drags me away from it and things like this happen. I've seen this rather often in the last 10+ years. Been around long enough.

Anyways. I still totally like Koken, but my problem right now is:

I simply do not get around to doing concert photography :( That's what this website originally was supposed to be about. Lots of factors play into it, but right now concerts photography is a little bit dead for me. So I either need to start something completely new (new domain, new ideas) or just expand this site to other types of photography.

Most recently that's been travel photography. I just came back from a trip to the USA last week and could show a few photos from there. Those have nothing whatsoever to do with concerts. Let's just post one here, just for fun. Everybody likes cool photos of Manhattan.

New York City - Top of the RockView from Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) at night

I might as well do a major overhaul of this website and post whatever I want. At least I get to fill it with content that's somewhat recent.

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