New Category?

It's been a while... and it's time for another update. No joke (have you checked today's date?), I promise! This time I decided it was time to add another category after the mobile travel category - which technically is still part of travel. Simply because I really haven't done much concert photography lately.

In February I traveled to the USA again, to Boston and to Nashville specifically, and I've been to quite a lot of hockey games there. Did I ever mention this here that I like hockey? Well, now you know. It was my third trip over there (third time Boston, too) and every trip so far has included at least one NHL game.

Admittedly I haven't gotten into sports photography now (yet?), but I thought why not add a few impressions of the games? They're obviously all taken with a smartphone, not a DSLR. Especially for those reading this that have never been to an NHL arena.

TD Garden - Boston BruinsBoston Bruins vs Arizona Coyotes, TD Garden, Boston, February 28th, 2017

Here you can see the inside of TD Garden in Boston during a game (Boston Bruins vs Arizona Coyotes). It's not my favorite arena, but since it's a) a relatively old team and b) they share the arena with the local NBA team the Boston Celtics, you can see all the banners in the rafters (retired numbers, Stanley Cup banners etc.). My favorite arena so far, however, would be the following. I might be biased, because I've been to a total of 7 games there already.

Bridgestone Arena - Nashville PredatorsNashville Predators vs Washington Capitals, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, February 25th

Bridgestone Arena, home of the Nashville Predators. My favorite team :)

Besides those two arenas I've also been to a college hockey game during this trip and saw Boston University play New Hampshire University at Agganis Arena in Boston (check my USA album). It's a very different atmosphere.

So, while this isn't concert photography, they usually do have concerts in those arenas as well. In a way it still fits to the original concept of my site.

My next update here might include more photos of the recent trip.

Until then, see you next year?

Well that might've been a joke :)

Mobile travel photography?

This is just going to be a quick update. Not quite something I would call a blog post. Call it a lifesign anyway.

The more I travel - still not enough - the more I have noticed that I rather tend to take more quick snapshots with my smartphone than with my DSLR, if I even carry it with me. On longer trips, especially abroad, I definitely bring it along, but I think it's a combination of both my own laziness (a smartphone is just so much more convenient) and the fact that my camera is slowly, but surely reaching its retirement age (a new one is overdue!) that I sometimes don't even take it out of my bag and simply take more (quick) photos with my phone. More recently I've only used the DSLR for event photography (private events as well as work events). It still serves that purpose.

It's the time of social media; be it Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. People use their phones all the time and to be honest most smartphone cameras have a fairly decent quality nowadays - so is mine. So why not take photos with them? I decided that - if I have any nice shots taken with my phone - I will add those to my gallery here. I actually started with some photos of my trip to Canada and to the US last winter.

May I introduce? The one and only Stanley Cup from the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Great trip, just really, really cold (-25°C). #nofilter #justsomephotoshop