Hello visitor!

It looks like I've given it yet another try. I set up a new blog/photo gallery website, this time using a CMS called Koken that I discovered a while ago and thought "Why not? Looks cool!". It does indeed look cool, it is slightly different and setting it up was fairly easy. I was surprised!

On top of it all it's free and I can use it on my own webspace instead of hosting it somewhere else with limited access.

It's always a struggle to build a new site, fill it with content, get people to look at it (while we're at it, I have a Facebook page too and sometimes I use Twitter :))... AND keep up with it. I can't remember how often I've tried, but given up eventually. Sometimes it was lack of time, often lack of interest, but mostly I just didn't like the system. Blog, Flickr, some strange flash galleries - tried it all. My latest solution to put at least some of my (concert) photos out there was Tumblr. I might still continue to use it, depending on how this new site will turn out. I mean, I've been building websites for ... 15 years, give or take. These days a good CMS can help a lot.

Right now I have no idea what you're going to find on this site in the future. The original idea was to display my photos, but I might also add a blog. Yet another random blog, yay... possibly even in different languages, because I like languages. Let's just say: If I feel like I have something interesting to write about, I'll do it. Otherwise it's mainly photos. Mostly (but not limited to) concert photos, because I have a lot of them from the last couple of years.

Anyway, Koken looks nice. It might just be the CMS I was looking for. We'll see. If you don't hear back from me within half a year...