Mobile travel photography?

This is just going to be a quick update. Not quite something I would call a blog post. Call it a lifesign anyway.

The more I travel - still not enough - the more I have noticed that I rather tend to take more quick snapshots with my smartphone than with my DSLR, if I even carry it with me. On longer trips, especially abroad, I definitely bring it along, but I think it's a combination of both my own laziness (a smartphone is just so much more convenient) and the fact that my camera is slowly, but surely reaching its retirement age (a new one is overdue!) that I sometimes don't even take it out of my bag and simply take more (quick) photos with my phone. More recently I've only used the DSLR for event photography (private events as well as work events). It still serves that purpose.

It's the time of social media; be it Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. People use their phones all the time and to be honest most smartphone cameras have a fairly decent quality nowadays - so is mine. So why not take photos with them? I decided that - if I have any nice shots taken with my phone - I will add those to my gallery here. I actually started with some photos of my trip to Canada and to the US last winter.

May I introduce? The one and only Stanley Cup from the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Great trip, just really, really cold (-25°C). #nofilter #justsomephotoshop

I'm back

Things went exactly as I thought.

Every time I find a cool new tool, CMS or similar, I get excited for a few days and start playing around it with and then - real life drags me away from it and things like this happen. I've seen this rather often in the last 10+ years. Been around long enough.

Anyways. I still totally like Koken, but my problem right now is:

I simply do not get around to doing concert photography :( That's what this website originally was supposed to be about. Lots of factors play into it, but right now concerts photography is a little bit dead for me. So I either need to start something completely new (new domain, new ideas) or just expand this site to other types of photography.

Most recently that's been travel photography. I just came back from a trip to the USA last week and could show a few photos from there. Those have nothing whatsoever to do with concerts. Let's just post one here, just for fun. Everybody likes cool photos of Manhattan.

New York City - Top of the RockView from Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center) at night

I might as well do a major overhaul of this website and post whatever I want. At least I get to fill it with content that's somewhat recent.